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Detecting Anonymous Proxy Usage

[ Vol. 6 , Issue. 1 ]


James Jayson and Kevin Curran*   Pages 55 - 70 ( 16 )


Aims: Network security commonly uses internet protocol (IP) filtering solutions. Anonymous proxies (anonymizers) act as a gateway to the resource, meaning that filters will be bypassed, another feature of anonymizers is that they will not give out the user’s IP address or any other detail about the user, the network will see the request come from the anonymizer service.

Objectives: This leads to a large range of potential risks from internal users accessing the filtered content or attacks from these proxies on the network.

Method: We outline a system to detect the use of anonymizers via incoming connections.

Conclusion: The data being used to determine the use of an anonymizer is the media access control (MAC) address, the IP address, the ports used, and destination address


Anonymous proxies, security, tor, onion routing, IP filtering, hacking.


Faculty of Computing & Engineering, Ulster University, Derry, Faculty of Computing & Engineering, Ulster University, Derry

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